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Rei Tei
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I'm thinking some type of bug? Anyone agree?

Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum. I've been playing Angband for...well awhile and every time I make it within the last 20 levels I get killed by something ridiculous attack. This last character of mine died from a nether attack when I had 550 hp remaining before the attack. And yes I had resistance. I'm not sure if I have a bugged version of the game or not. It seems fishy that similar attacks such as this one against many other characters I've created have always killed me if they happened at level 80+. I'm attaching the details of my character so you all can either confirm how ridiculous it is that my character died or mention why not. Please let me know if I should have worn anything differently or drop some game tips.
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There's not much anyone can do to confirm/deny that your death was buggy without a save from before you died, unfortunately. This is the first I've heard of unusual damage amounts in 3.2.0. It does look like the fatal nether attack was the only thing that hit you that turn. Its max damage, when resisted, is 471HP, which means that either we have a bug or you only had 277HP at the end of your turn.
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nether is dangerous please, be careful of nether attacks,!

Reality hits you -more-

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In your dump I noticed a lot of x is immune. Why were you surrounded by nasties, especially undead. I didn't bother reading much further because your dump was unreadable. Please submit it to the ladder next time or just put it in
 CODE tags(like this is)
It should format correctly if in those tags. Nether damage is nearly independent on resistance, doing over 470 max with it, 550 without(in the long run, if fighting a nether breather for a long time it will reduce average damage, but you generally don't want to be fighting a nether breather for a long time) but you mention 550 before and you have -200 after. Since we haven't seen anything like this before, I think you may have had around 250 before, especially if you were surrounded by undead.
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