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to hit with ranged weapons

First a question: is the to-hit chance calculation the same for ranged weapons as for melee? The monster info gives you a percentage estimate for your melee attack, if I have the same to-hit with my ranged weapon, do I have the same hit chance?

Second, I noticed, if you shoot an arrow at a sleeping monster but don't hit, the monster doesn't wake up. Not sure whether this also happens in melee but I think it does. Question is whether this is intended behaviour. With a melee weapon, I would think of a miss as hitting the monster but failing to do damage, which should still wake monsters up. With arrows it is more tricky, but the arrow still lands on the field where the monster is, so it seems it is also a hit but no damage.
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Dunno about the to-hit stuff; normally I'd assume they'd use the same systems, but Angband has some weird differences between melee and ranged combat.

As for the sleeping monsters thing, Angband conflates dodge chance and block chance (and, for that matter, physical damage reduction) into the same stat. Some monsters are hard to hit because they're good at dodging (e.g. Will o the Wisp), some because they have massive armor classes (e.g. Iron Golem). So this is a situation in which you have to pick between two answers that are both wrong sometimes, and the game picked the answer that favors the player.
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