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Newb Qs: score; nasty potions; inventory

I'm loving Sil-Q. I've just finished my second run. My first ended at 100 feet; my second at 350 feet, where I was murdered by Bolrog the Merciless, or someone like that. I have some questions, though.

1. First, I see the leaderboard at this site sorts runs by 'score'. How do I compute this score? The top scoree is 411 million or so. I know my sad little runs won't count for much, but I'm curious how they'd compare.

2. At one point I quaffed a potion that hurt my DEX permanently, it seems. I think it was some Potion of Clumsy. Are there permanent debuffs like that? Is there any way to ID a nasty poison other than just trying it?

3. Likewise, I only ever IDd one staff, a staff of light. The others I tried didn't do anything. I suppose I should be trying them in battle?

4. Finally, is there any way to add inventory slots or storage? The constant shortage of space was a real annoyance.

Great game! Many thanks to those who are making it.
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