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YASD. Speed without free action is pointless

After having my first 4.2 win with ridiculously lucky high elf mage, decided to return to Angband with new character.
Meet Wunderbaum, recreationally high elven ranger who has left his happy home in the forest of Morning Woods and gone searching for magic mushrooms in the pits of Angband.
He's definitely off to good start. First time in town and literally first thing he meets is some funny chap called Maggot who annoys him for a while but in the end 'gives' him a nice helm of wisdom. Just few levels into the dungeons and he comes across a strength increasing sword of *slay* orcs that definitely makes melee encounters more straight-forward.
Few levels deeper, thug called Brodda succumbs to salvo of arrows while barely awake, and drops a nice phial that provides permanent light and resistance to darkness.
Going on, Wunderbaum keeps finding slay weapons to sell and picks up an armour that resist fire, cold, acid and ?? (young Wunderbaum doesn't even know what electricity feels like yet).
Reaching the great depth of 550ft(!), he feels that the place is both murderous and has nothing but crap in it. 'Must be one them slime pits the guy with burned face, molten armour and definitely non-magical sword spoke about' thinks Wunderbaum and decides to proceed with caution. Turns out to be a scumbag pit instead, as Wunderbaum is suddenly surrounded by rogues and thieves everywhere! Rogues beat him hard and steal half his stuff, while cutpurses puff away with most of his gold. But Wunderbaum fights back and while burning through is stockpile of speed potions, arrows and healing he manages to be the last man standing. And those cretins that didn't teleport away left a pile of stuff behind. 2 chests for example. First one has gauntlets of free action in it. Very nice, Wunderbaum has been relying on a ring for free action so now he has a free finger. What shall he put on it? Some nice stat enhancer or... Anyway, what's in the second chest? Ring of speed +6! O that's... oh my... verry niiice... yes. Wunderbaum will wear that. He now goes after those who stole from him, half for getting his stuff back and half for sheer revenge. Rogues are shocked to find the guy they were just before beating to pulp is now able to back away from them while firing arrow after arrow. So, with his gear returned, Wunderbaum goes back to town for some shopping.
After selling the loot, Wunderbaum has over 30k gold and what's better place to spend it than the black market. And oh yes, boots of speed +5. Only... about 10k too much. But he wants it. +11 speed this early. Must be a record or something. Se he sells literally everything except the resistance armor, phial and one spellbook. Bows, weapons armor... he had good gear but nothing spectacular, he can get those back. Hardest things to part with are the free action gauntlets and free action ring he kept at home just in case. But free action is very common, he'll find some gear with that soon enough as he knows the rune now. Just need to be a little bit careful... (I bet you can see already where this is heading...)

Still few hundred short, Wunderbaum haunts the town literally for days, beating people for their small possessions, but in the end, he gets his boots. Lacking a weapon but speed +11, he is the fastest fistfighter Angband has ever seen.

Grinding on levels 1 and 2 for some time allows him to buy back a decent dagger, bow, arrows, armour, potions etc. The standard basic gear. Except... no free action. At some point he had also picked up a scroll of deep descent. 'I know I'll regret this but...'. Wunderbaum finds himself on level 19. 'Free action ring or gloves should pop up any time now, just be careful, with my speed and arrows nothing can touch to freeze me', Wunderbaum tells himself.

In retrospect, taking on Old Man Willow without free action was definitely a dump move. RIP Wunderbaum, killed by Stinkenbaum.
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