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Morgoth advice for a warrior

I need some help with Morgoth as a warrior. My dump is here. He doesn't seem to have any weaknesses. He summons things all the time. He breaks walls so I can't make a chamber.

Do I need to scum to find a level with a vault of permanent walls? My arrows of Slay Evil do very little damage. He drains charges so I can't teleport around.

I feel very restricted in what I can do because of the drain charges thing.
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Nevermind! I learned the way to kill Morgoth is to post online that you need help killing Morgoth.

He is beaten! Bludgeoned to death by my axe.

edit: I kept TO'ing him away until I completed a tunnel down to the bottom left corner of the map, and then goaded him in. Popped my -Speed and started pummeling. When he summoned baddies, usually only about 1 or 2 could actually hit me since I was in the corner. I got pulled out of the corner about halfway through the fight, but I used a couple banishes and slammed Healing and Life potions to keep up near max health. I reguarly let myself drop down to around 400 hp before popping a potion; that may have been reckless but it worked. I actually killed him faster than I thought; had a ton of potions left over.

My first win ever! I'll post the dump in a min

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Donald Jonker
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Thanks for posting this. I've got my own axe to bury in M's skull at the moment and was contemplating burrowing into the corner as well. Kudos on the win!
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