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Originally Posted by Narry View Post
I would go deeper, but I'm already meeting gnome mages and dark elven mages who blind me. Haven't been able to find pBlnd yet. Panthers and tigers are quite dangerous to me... at the moment meeting one goes as follows: I see it, cast attack spell, cast attack spell, it bites me, it bites me, teleport self.
You are not going to find protections before you fight enemies that use status effects on you. If you get blinded, drink a curing potion. Gnome and Dark Elf Mages both have pathetic HP, so just kill them.

For panthers, use Phase Door. Sure they're fast, but again they don't have much HP. You should also be able to see them coming by casting Detect Monsters frequently, so set things up so they have to charge through a long straightaway while you pelt them with spells/wands.

But they improve my AC... I would get even more damage with them, wouldn't I? And the Cutlass... it's one of the few good items I have found. Besides, pStun will be handy soon, as umber hulks begin to appear at DL 15.
AC is irrelevant if you are not getting hit in melee. You're a mage, why would you ever stand next to something to let it hit you?

pStun does not protect against confusion, only stunning. Stunning is extremely rare, and while it can be quite dangerous, its rarity makes it completely optional.

I understand the reluctance to part with a magical item, but you should seriously consider how much utility it's actually providing.

Thanks. I've been told to use them potions quite liberally, so that's why I try to carry a lot of them. Concerning food... that's how I roll... backups and backups of backups. Murphy's Law...
The problem with your backups is that they're costing you weight, which you can ill-afford. Running around at low speed increases the chances that a monster will get two actions in between your turns, which is an easy way to die.

Plus, you're backing up the wrong things. Extra books and Word of Recall scrolls are far more vital than food. If you get low on potions, escape your current fight, recall, and restock.

Mages are the hardest class to play as, especially for a beginner, because the margins of error are so small. You have few HP and little inventory space to spare for countermeasures, so you have to make sure you're stocking the right things and not getting hurt. And that still won't save you when you encounter an enemy you've never seen before and it pulls out an attack you didn't know it had that one-shots you (or does massive damage and a punishing status effect, etc.).

There's a reason why I recommend that people play half-troll warriors when they're learning the game, in other words. Lots of HP and they're very fast to play right out of the gate. For comparison, Grotug has half-troll warriors that have beaten the game in less than half the amount of turns your character has taken...
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