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tips wanted

I'm having a better than usual game right now and I could use a few tips.

1) It's the first game where I've found Calris. It seems to me that enchanting arrows is a higher priority than fixing the to-hit penalty on Calris. What do other people think? Or should I shop scum so I can do both?
Also, when I uncurse Calris does it stay uncursed or does the curse ever come back (like if I unwield it and then wield it again)?

2) Is it worth keeping a ring of speed that's only +2 ? Right now I'm thinking the rings I'm wearing are more important (+4 STR and rst-poison).
I recently ditched a +5 ring of intelligence to wear the =rst poison.
The intelligence ring didn't seem to make very much difference in my fail rates.

3) I'm also wondering if it's worth keeping Nimthanc or the lightning branded hammer. The thing that makes me think they might be worth keeping is that Arunruth doesn't have a brand and branded weapons might do more damage.

Here's the dump:
Since I made the dump, I noticed there was a cloak of the Magi in the black market, so I bought it (the fact that it doesn't get damaged by acid is more attractive than the +1 intelligence). It's random ability is see invisible which isn't that important when I already have telepathy. (Quylthulgs are not invisible in DaJAngband).

EDIT: Ugg. nevermind, I just died. Killed by a new unique with a darkness storm. I thought I had taken darkness storms away from him once I found out how powerful they were. I guess I'll fix that now (and update the download with the change).

EDIT2: The DaJAngband download is now updated. I've taken BA_DARK away from 2 or 3 uniques and 1 or 2 other monsters who shouldn't have had it.

Play DaJAngband:

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