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Cheating death.

So I was wondering...are there any players here who occasionally play with the cheat_live option on? Is there anyone who played with it on when they started in order to better learn the game and avoid newbie frustration? Is this just widely considered blasphemy?

Personally I've never played a game with cheat__live on, but I've occasionally thought of it just for some mindless dungeon running, one hand on the keyboard, the other holding a beer.
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Monkey Face
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It's not considered blasphemy so much as a way to develop bad habits. Angband is all about not feeling safe and cheating death contradicts that idea.
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I never used the cheat option, but when I first started playing I would sometimes save scum in order to get back to around where my previous death was. At that time I was dying a lot in the dlvl 20-30 range and I didn't want to waste a lot of time dying stupidly early so I could get more practice with what I was having trouble with. The majority of the time I'd keep backing up my save files without having to restore them, but it felt dirty nonetheless.
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I savescummed 600'-1000' a bunch of times in Sil 1.0.x just to figure out what the monsters could do, etc. because back then it was pretty common for me to lose 80% of characters at 150'. It's a small enough game that it didn't take long to figure out the details.
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I also save scummed at the beginning. But then it turned out that if my character died, I just didn't feel like using the save scum, so I didn't. Eventually I just stopped scumming altogether.

I have played with cheat_death on, but that's because I was testing gameplay changes and I just didn't have the time to do that without the option.
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I savescummed like crazy when I was younger. I remember playing ZAngband and killing Robin Hood over and over again to manipulate his (guaranteed at least excellent) drop. In hindsight that was a pretty good introduction to deterministic RNGs, since I had to do different things in each attempt or else I'd get a repeat item.

Eventually I grew out of it; can't remember when precisely.
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I used to savescum every town visit. I felt like it was a good balance between progress and fairness.

This was in Zangband where I rarely broke 1000'. Playing a Human Chaos-Nature monk even savescumming I couldnt complete. Unicorn of order was unkillable for me.

The shit i'd do to beat the level guardians was ridiculous. (Carried a inventoryfull of DSMs to defeat Great Ice Wyrms) (Sold branded weapons to get Ludicrously wealthy, then repeatedly buy out the magical figurine store until I got one of a Greater Titan. Saved up a bunch of -clone monster, double fire resisted, took out Gothmog at CLevel 36)
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Originally Posted by emulord View Post
I used to savescum every town visit.
That's so "Final Fantasy"
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