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ZAngband Recall

(first off -- I was here years ago for Angband and then ToME. Lost user info -- and had sign up. That "Random Question" thing is a bit difficult. I understand the need to stop bots, but wow...I was swearin 'n stuff. That said -- I _am_ here . . .)

OK. I understand how recall works in Ang and ToME (pre-3.0.0 days). In ToME, you go to a new dungeon recall back to the surface, then go to the town you want to recall back to the dungeon from and it then takes me back to the town where I recalled from . . .

Just now getting into ZAng (version 2.7.3) as I've always liked the idea of the wilderness (and am quite enjoying it). I tried finding info on how Recall works but could not locate anything...

The first town dungeon is almost at the top of the map. Cleared down to level 15 (750 ft.). Recalled out.

Took me some time, but found the second dungeon 3/4 of the way down. There are no shops in the surrounding area (have about 3/4 of the wilderness mapped) that buy normal weapons and armor (they are *all* axe or specialty shops, etc). The only one place so far to sell items is the 1st town dungeon. Got down to level 16 of the second dungeon and recall (using rod). I go back to the town dungeon, sell my goods, and recall. I expect to go to the second dungeon back to level 16. Where do I go? Level 15 of the town dungeon.

Try the second dungeon again, get to level 21, recall -- travel through the wilderness BACK to the town dungeon, sell my good and recall back to level 15 of the town dungeon again.

I've tried recalling from another other town but all I get is "Nothing happens." The only place I seem to be able to recall back to the second dungeon is right at the entrance stairs! This is very frustrating. I must be missing something? If not -- I am going to have to travel 3/4 of the map every time just to sell stuff to be able to afford all of those fancy expensive items in other shops? ? ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I'm no Z expert, but I think in that variant (and Z+) the town dungeons are of limited utility because they don't go very deep, maybe to level 20 or 30 (?). To go deeper I think you have to find a wilderness dungeon, especially a 6, 7, 8, or 9. Those are the deep dungeons. Recalling from those takes you back up to the entrance of the dungeon in the wilderness, and then you have to go overland to a town to sell stuff/resupply, and then cross overland again to the dungeon to recall back to the dungeon level you recalled from.

Hope this helps. Mangojuice, the maintainer of Z+, can give you more information.
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