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Sky is on a distinguished road
i happily buy two Mage4 and find i can now cast TO with 15% fail, which is pretty solid for a new character. i ditch the CSW pots and carry CCW only.


It's time to (k) the Good weapons. The level feeling is 6-8 !! so i quaff my Enlightment; i see a demi vault with some armor, that's probably what is giving me the lf.
Inside the vault is Lokakk, The Ogre Chieftain who i don't think i can kill. But, i can TO him away. However, i would rather do this when i have checked the rest of the dungeon gear, as he'll be able to roam once i let him out of his prison.

i do all that.. but nothing. That 8 is somewhere in the vault. I breach.

I make a long corridor to nuke everything, and Lokkak is the second through the breach. He is not fazed by my acid bolts, so i send him for a long walk with my wand of TO.

SOMETHING did 100 damage to me with a spell, idk what, but i find myself at 61hp. I heal with CCW and keep grinding mobs as they come. Only a tengu tries to put me in a bad spot but a phase and some more acid bolts and everything is dead. I maximize my haul and go to town.

In the end, it's just another plate (dwarven) +2 which i decide to slot in, as i get 174hp and 167sp, a fair tradeoff.

There is nothing for sale in the BM as it has not restocked yet.
"i can take this dracolich"
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Sky is on a distinguished road
DL27 again, nothing of note back home.

I see two more orc uniques, and i decide to kill them. Grishnahk doenst even make in sight, i just kill him in the dark. Golfimbul manages to land a single blow on me before dying. Neither drops anything decent. I get sneaked on by a vampire, but i am already carrying RLL.

The level feeling is 4-2, so i go down the stairs.


nexus hounds, a couple spider. I find a potion of intellect, but do not actually need it now, and do not want to lose any STR. Another 4-2 level. Stairs.


I see a black knight. They can cast spells and i could die *verry* quickly. I decide to avoid it until most of the dungeon is cleared.

level feeling 5-2 ... bah.

Now, at this point, i would scum. Either stairs scum, or recall scum, enough to have SI, possibly rPois, pConf or a stack of Mushrooms Of Clear Mind, pBlind, but i have none of those, and could be facing Dreads soon.

I decide, For Science!, to head towards the stairs. I meet Ibun, Son Of Mim, and Mim, Betrayer of Turin, both rather pissed off at my killing Kim. I kill Ibun but Mim himself resists acid (a fact i remember too late) and i TO him away.
Ibun drops the same Dwarven i have, +2 to everything, but it's a chain, which leaves me less encumbered, and it has +4 infra instead of +2 .. basically, i SI. If .. they are warm, that is.

DL30 7-

We start with some ogres and trolls. i kill them and test a staff on the last one, which turn out to be a staff of teleport, and i find myself teleported right next to a jelly pit. And the level feeling returns as 7-2. I decide to recall.
"i can take this dracolich"
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Sky is on a distinguished road

as there is absolutely nothing in town, i recall and find myself in a 4-4 cave level. I find a staff of Slay Animal which has {??} and .. yep, it's ESP.

I will keep the +5 sword, but something tells me this staff will be with me for a while.

I would like to take a second to say, that i would really like a way to get Angband to show me all the properties of ALL my items at the same time. The reason for this is:
1. i do not want to check every weapon i find from now on for ESP. but, i can tolerate this.
2. i don't want to spend an hour setting up my gear when i get ready for endgame.
Having all the resists, powers, etc on one screen would help me make a build.


no reason to wait as i now have ESP and SI is redundant until some very rare and very deep monsters.

I right away find a rod of mapping, which is nice, but, not super-necessary.

Level feeling 4-6. I ID a potion of DEX and find the item, it's a armour of Elvenkind rNether, which is nice, but for now i'll take the Dwarven.

I happily kill some easy mobs and a pukelman, which puts me over to CL26 176hp 204sp.

The BM has a potion fo Wisdom, i can afford it and it raises my saving throw by some very tiny amount, but i buy it anyway.


level feeling 6-4, i move towards the stairs. three wolf chieftains start blinding me and cost me 1 !speed and 11 damn CCW, as i no longer carry any CSW.
This is why maybe i should keep grinding.
I move again towards the stairs, but a spectre starts coming towards me, and andother wolf chieftain, and i decice i've had enough and TS, right next to a human pit .. which i will clear.

I get a nice number of unidentified wands and staves, so i quickly go back to sell.
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Sky is on a distinguished road

a whole load of nothing, the only notable kill is a 4 headed hydra. Too easy when you have Frost Bolt.


some level feeling 5-3 crap.


a congaline of Algroth, Brodda The Easterling (who dies before i can even notice) and level feeling 6-2. I kill some adult blue dragons for CL27 181hp 212sp. I can now start trading sp for other things, like damage or resists, or speed. ..
I accidentally quaff a potion of Brawn, but it's ok. I lose a point of DEX, but it's ok.


right in the midst of a whole bunch of gnomes, which i hate almost as much as tengus. I nuke them mercilessly.

aaand .. another potion of brawn. Oh why not. I'm at 18 natural, and quaffing it brings me to 18/22 (18/52 with bonuses) and 10 wisdom.


another huge conga line of trolls, to whom i serve some hot fire bolts. Level feeling 6-3, stairs.


And i am possibly dead.

I go down the stairs, surrounded by 8 dread (all sleeping ...), and with 2 frost giants next to me.

I will try to kill them.


One casts a nether bolt and i drop down to 40hp. I teleport out of there.

I then try to bait a Bodak and i see a Death Quasit racing for me. I decide this level needs to go.

i TS several times, every time switching between dreads and quasit.

i add some phase, and finally my recall kicks in.

The BM has a ring of strength .. +6.

I'm glad i found ESP but i'm not ready to be on DL40, or near that. I'm also allergic to aiming (i just spam my "target closest" binds) and only move in 4 directions (unless .. ugh .. i reaaaly need to, and then i use a mouse), so i need to be able to just walk through the opposition.

I need more gear. I need more grinding.
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Ingwe Ingweron
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Ingwe Ingweron is on a distinguished road
Wish you were playing on Sounds like this would've been a great game to watch.
“We're more of the love, blood, and rhetoric school. Well, we can do you blood and love without the rhetoric, and we can do you blood and rhetoric without the love, and we can do you all three concurrent or consecutive. But we can't give you love and rhetoric without the blood. Blood is compulsory. They're all blood, you see.”
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Sky is on a distinguished road
all we need is tile support and i would live there.


snow trolls, creeping coins (these hurt as i have low AC and do not resist poision). Level feeling 5-4, however i do have to get my head back in the game so i kill mobs for a while.
I kill my first lesser maia, some ologs, a 5-headed hydra, and hit CL28 188hp 223sp. I also find a bunch of Mamuks which are always a welcome find. I'm at 1% fail on all my bolt spells. The 4- turns out to be a rod of Recall, but this time i avoid recalling by reading one of my scrolls; instead, i go down the stairs.


Level feeling 5-3, i get it by lighting up just 1 room. Ok, maybe 2 rooms. I see no stairs so i TS to the other side, and find a phantom that i kill for testing purposes. I also kill a mature red dragon and for my efforts i am rewarded with a potion of CON, now at 202hp.


Stone giants, ghouls, another M red dragon, levle feeling 6-7.

However, i might not see what it is. I am hit by something invisible and not detected by ESP and in 2 hits i am down to 70hp, so i TS out.

As i try to gather my wits, i find a graveyard. At this level they are nothing to worry about, i light up a corridor, light up the graveyard itself, make a hole in the wall, and start nuking - mummified trolls, ghosts, grave whights, skeletons .. my prize is a helm that prevents blindness, finally:

The Metal Cap Of Goromin [3,+19] +3

+3 WIS, +3 CON, +3 Tunnelling, pBlind, rNether, A: staff of confusion.

Turns out there's quite a lof of stuff here, not the 7 i wanted, but enough for a substantial haul, 2 dwarven chains, an unidentified rod, and unidentified scroll, all stuff i will now sell.
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Sky is on a distinguished road
as you can imagine, pBlind is rather a major thing for a mage.
I sell my dwarven shirts for 30k, and buy a single scroll of Acq from the BM.

DL38 6-

The scroll gives me a Pick Of Earthquakes (which sells for almost as much as i paid the scroll for) which i keep as cash loot. The rod is a rod of Treasure Detection (i will sell in in just 2 CLs, as i get the spell), and i now have *almost* all the gear i need for midgame.
I light up several rooms and get a rather unimpressive 6-5, but, you never know.

There's not much resistance in this dungeon for a 6-, i kill one white mature dragon, one ranger, a plasma vortex, and i hit CL29 228hp AND 228sp. I find a Plate of Resistance which disappointingly is very likely to be the source of the level feeling.

I realize what that undetectable creature was earlier - a Trapper.

I find another one that hurts me but, since i'm pig-headed, instead of bailing out, i blink and cast Reveal, and see him. He can't move so i kill him (just after accidentally casting phase and needing to kill some werebears .. no Beorn in sight), and then move on to the human pit right in the next room.

Now, there's three Berserkers here, i *don't* think acid bolt is gonna cut it.
I try a few miserable bolts but the berserker is on me having lost barely 2 stars. I decide to reset the level and try again... by recalling.

Back in town, i buy a !STR, ?Acq, and !Enlig, plus another rod of recall .. you never know. That pick of earthquakes sells just shy of 10k gold. I'm down to 21k gold, but i guess i could probably buy another stat potion if there is one, on my next trip.

See, once you beging finding armors of resistance, with relative ease, you can just grind money for stat and even Augmentation potions, without worry.


ok, i have made a major mistake.

remember that +5 CON amulet i had? that i left at home?
yep, that was my rNexus.

I get both warped and teleported by a nexus vortex. Which is not good because i'm on a 7-7 level, and while i can TO the 7-, i really want to stick around for the -7.

Well, i quaf my Enlightement potion, of which i always carry JUST ONE, so that when i need it, using it also frees me a slot for carrying loot.
I see a vault, with an unidentified ring and unidentified amulet.

If i could find another potion of INT i could trade back my amulets .. rNexus is really important, not for the damage, but for the side effects.

time to go to work, i will wrap it up later, at lunchbreak.
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Sky is on a distinguished road
lunchbreak now, i have since managed to kill that nexus vortex .. assuming it's the only one on the level.

as i approach the vaul, i notice Uvata, The Horseman. I prepare for battle and, well, it's rather easy. He drops a weapon which will likely be pretty good once i get my stats up a bit:

The Broad Axe 'Targor' 2d6 (+5,+9)
+4 STR, +4 DEX, +3 CON
*slay dragon, slay giant, slay demon.

i still get a miserable 1.3 blows with it.

So, that was *not* the only nexus vortex on the level. This time, i only get scrambled, but i kill another one.

In the vault, i see a greater maia, Gorlim, Betrayer of Barahir, and an ancient green dragon. Two of these can one-shot me. erm.. TWO green dragons.

The first one goes walkies as i TO it. I reach the amulet, and it is

The Jewel Of Egind
+3 WIS, +5 Spd

could be useful on a late build.

I fumble my fingers on the keyboard as i try to TO the second dragon, and i notice that next to the vault are, sleeping, Eol, The Dark Elf, and Nar, The Dwarf. And a shadow drake, for good measure. I better hurry before this stuff starts waking up.

Some water trolls get in between me and a woken Gorlim (and the maiar), and i decide for safety to TO the trolls as well, can't risk Gorlim casting water bolt.

I pick up everything useful, TO another couple mobs not worth risking for, and recall without even resting(cannot risk those big mobs coming back).

In town, i find my haul consists of, aside from the aforementioned jewel,

The Broad Sword 'Aryathor' 2d5 (+10,+11)
+3 INT +3 DEX +2 tunnel *slay demon
poison brand, rLight rNexus rDis SI

eh ..

The Short Sword 'Cirimar' 2d7 (+14,+11)
+3 DEX +1 blows
*slay demon, slay undead, giants, oprcs, animals.
Poison brand, rAcid, rCold, pFear, SI.

does more damage, and i get 2.6 blows, but still not likely to make the list, AND my ESP staff is still more important, despite the fact that i do a whopping 26 DPS vs animals, and 20 vs everything else. Look out kobolds!

In all the excitement i also found a scoll of Acq, not sure if bought or waht, but i forgot to read it.

Time to go back to work.
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Sky is on a distinguished road
ok, so it turns out that rNexus, wasn't on the necklace, but is rather on the first sword i found, so i'm out of rNexus for now. Instead, i decide to slot in the +5 Spd, which drops me down to a miserable 141sp. I will have to take is slow, until i can buy some more potions of INT. Yup, because i just blew all my money on a Rod Of Healing, thank you very much mr Black Market guy.

And i also lose a point of STR and gain one of CON as i ID the Potion of Toughness, and on top, that Acquirement scroll drops me a cash weapon.

Oh and i sold most of my artifact weapons to buy the rod of healing, since the weaponsmith caps at 10k gold.

I visit DL38 twice, to clear 7k Xp and hit CL30 240hp 146sp. One of the victims is Boldor, King of the Yeeks, and his son as well, Orfax, Son Of Boldor. No notable drops.
The important thing about CL30 is that now i cast Treasure Detection, which frees up one of my slots.

I decide to try to get lower, and when i recall, i kill some minor mobs, a neflashee .. and i find an amulet. OF TRICKERY!

Not the greatest Amulet Of Trickery ever, but i get rPois, rNexus, and +2 Spd (which is a drop of 3 Spd, but i can live with that).

Also, i stumble upon a Helm Of Telepathy, in the next room, unguarded. And i find a Cloak of The Magi (this level is 6-8) and suddenly realize i had earlier picked up a Cloak as well, which i had worn and did not list in the previous haul,

The Fur Cloak Of Antarment [3,+26]
+1 light, rShards, pFear, pBlind, SI.

this works perfectly as i replace the helm i have with Telepathy, and can wield a weapon .. the only weapon i have left at home.

..aaand that doesn't work. My INT drops too much.

I try the Cloak Of Magi, and i ID pConf. Ok, when Angband closes a door, it opens another, except those cases where it opens a door and you walk through it and you die because an invisible monster not detected by telepathy killed by summoning 3 OOD uniques who move very fast and breathe 1k damage on you before you can act.
But i digress.

Back yet again at DL38, i immediately run into Lokkak. He seems to shrug off all my bolts, despite not resisting any of the base elements. I then try those 8 arrows of poison i still carry, and his hp goes down fast.
He drops:

The Lance 'Ulkron' 2d8 (+11,+18)
resist base, weak cold brand, Regen.

cash drop.

The level feeling is 6-6, so i explore. I soon meet the Umbar bother, and i'm too strong for them, they die without putting up any resistance.
Sangahyando drops

The Zweihander Of Ancarad 5d6 (+7,+10)
+3 WIS +3 DEX +3 Spd
weak lightning brand, rPois, pBlind, blessed.

Nice damage dice but .. probably not worth keeping.

I keep exploring, and there's a lot of uniques here. Next in line is Uldor The Accursed, who normally shows up on DL28. He dies.

I grab a cash drop and a potion of WIS.

Next room, another unique. Draebor The Imp, who .. well, he's dead. I'm more worried about a big bunch of Inertia Hounds next to him.

And in the same room, Ulwarth, Son of Ulfast. Also dead.

And in teh room below, The Queen Ant.
I did not see her, but i saw warrior ants, and i figured she was there. As i was resting, she shows up alone, and i, stupidly, teleport her away. I should have taken this chance in a nice big room. But, i do kill her escort.

I cannot find anything warranting a 6, but the haul is large enough to put me over 60k gold, which i immediately spend in the BM to buy Raal's Tome Of Destruction. Test-casting the first six spells nets me 2500 XP as well .. Rift will have to wait a bit longer.

I'm not entirely sure, but i suspect my next CL will cost 50k XP, which is painful. Being a dunedain, you do get less SP than a high elf, and advancing is even harder, but in the end you will have a tasty CON and STR bonus. But, i cannot just to take on Great Wyrms now.

Ok, so..

I recall AGAIN to DL38.

The level feeling is a measly 5-3, and i recall to a room in the corner with only one corridor, with The Queen Ant in it. She can tank a lot of damage, and doesn't die, but i have killed a lot of her summons for XP, so i bail out with 40sp left.

And i find myself dangerously close to Lorgan, Chief Of The Easterlings.
Now, Lorgan has this annoying habit of calling you to him, and he hurts big, so i leave him alone and plan to ditch this level right away .. and i find two nice potions of healing just lying there. And a crappy lantern .. which turns out to be:

The Lantern Of Aragorion

+5 STR
+2 Light

well .. what can i say. pStun is great, but +5 STR beats +3 WIS anyday.


5-4, a death drake, some fire hounds .. i drop down a trapdoor.


starts as 5-, and i see some annoying and not profitable mobs. And then i get the level feeling 5-8, and i decide to stay ... it's a cave level.

I kill an ancient white dragon, and hit CL31 249hp 183sp.
I find a Potion of Experience, which is the -8 here. It brings me to CL32 253hp 189sp.

I tiptoe past a Patriarch and grab also a Godly Insights (Priest6 ?) for cash. Time to recall.
I rest a while to make sure i find good stuff when i go back.
(nope. There wasn't anything)
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Sky is on a distinguished road
i'm bored

i read a Scroll Of Deep Descent.


Level feeling 9- (don't disappoint me)

Booyah, 9-9. I quaff Elinghtment .. and it's a HUGE vault.

Ok, first off, i see two identical unidentified potions. I reach the first, and it's a Potion Of Augmentation. (and so is the other)
I also quaff a Toughness as i will recover whatever i lose with the second Aug.
I TO a Marilith and a Ancient Green Dragon.
I am now 317hp. 253sp

I suspect Lorgan is somewhere here (i saw a bunch of easterlings) and i dont want him (or anyone else) chasing me. I TS to the other side, and since the level is 50% vault, i get right next to it.

The first target, at the edge of teh vault, is Lugdush, The Uruk. He dies dropping nothing. I TO a Mystic to avoid his summons.

I pull out a line of Mamuks, and a phantom follows. One drop is a small chest that drops a Ring Of Power:

The Band Of Erenetir

+5 STR +5 WIS
rSound rNexus rNether
FA, ESP. A: Confuse monster

this will replace my staff as soon as i find an artifact weapon, which, in this vault, should not be a problem.

Well, i will spare you the mob-by-mob combat. It would have been fun if i had remembered to count turns to see how long i stay here.
I do manage to kill Adunaphel The Quiet, as i push him away 2 times and he keeps coming back.
I will probably avoid the areas of the vault where the worst mobs are ..

This is the vault that has 4 equal sections, arranged in an X shape, and two large sections of each side, with a cross going through it, and a small center with 3 spaces. It really looks like the UK flag. (God save the Queen)
Many mobs are encased in small 1-square cells, and i can see Fundin Bluecloak, a Great Chaos Wyrm, Ithengast The Fire Drake, The Learnean Hydra, and a Balrog, and i might just avoid all these.

Well.. i don't.

Turns out i don't find quite as much as i had imagined. I mean, still a good haul, but. I teleport away all the nasty uniques and find, in total:

The Broad Axe 'Urthrim' (2d6) (+13,+26)

+4 STR +3 WIS (dude, did i have to be a priest? just say so, ok ?) +3 Infra
*slay undead + dragon + demon, slay troll, animals.
rLight, rDisen, FF, Blessed. A: TO.

The Set Of Gauntlets 'Onuruth' [3,+14]

+5 INT +1 Light
rDark rChaos
NO FA, but with the +5 Int i still go up to 197sp.

The Quarterstaff 'Ithor' (1d9) (+9,+7)
+2 blows, FA

not impressed

The Mace 'Curedh' (6d4) (+15,+26) (bonk on head - you are cured)

+3 Tunneling
*slay demon, slay undead, giants, orcs.
rAcid, rLighting, rCold, rNexus
FF, Regen, ESP, FA.

The Elven Cloak of Melena [6,+17]

+4 CON, +1 stealth, +1 Spd

not gonna replace my pConf .. for now.

More important, i get a set of Alchemis Gloves Of Thievery +3 DEX, and a Ring Of Speed +8.

While i breifly gloat over the 80k worth of gold in haul, my joy is quickly washed away as the Black Market has no other than Kelek's Grimoire Of Power for sale .. at 270.000 gold.

i'm .. just 160.000 shy of what i need. THANKS TO THE ARMORER CAPPING AT 10k. Oh well.
"i can take this dracolich"
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