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Imo the issue here is not the way the song and dance has to work, but the environment that wants you to do a song and dance in the first place.

Level draining is so widespread that there is no way to avoid it. It would be more interesting if there was a choice involved- do I fight the leveldrainer to get at his treasure and re-do all the levelling, or do I move on - but barring a major rework of monsters, a simple song and dance, wether "exploit" or not, is welcome.
If the objective is to reduce levelling speed, simply assign less xp/kill.
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Well, and this gets into one of the things I've agitated for in the past: converting experience drain into temporary level drain. If getting hit by a ghost drained 2clvls per hit, you'd start to care pretty quickly in that fight...but the experience drain would fix itself some time later, or immediately on application of RLL.

In other words, convert EXP drain from a permanent detriment to a status effect.
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Pete Mack
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@Estie--sure it happens every game that at one point or another you lose a level. So what? At one point or another you get mauled by a death quasit, too.
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