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Just bumping the bulk of the initial post to hopefully get some clarification on the new "ignore" function. Thanks.

- What happened to the destroy command 'k'? It has been replaced by "ignore" which has seemingly weird functionality. I accidentally hit the "ignore all" on some !CSW I had while trying to destroy something on the ground. The !CSW started acting as if squelched unless in "unignore mode" - going back to regular mode causes them to disappear from inventory, though they are not toggled under the squelch menu or the "autoinscription menu" as being squelched. If "ignore" has the same functionality as squelch they should be linked to the submenu. To undo this I had to go into unignore mode ('shift + k') and 'destroy' the stack again ('k'). What was wrong with destroy? Does "ignore" on an unidentified artifact cause the artifact to remain visible? It seems to have no effect on identified artifacts. Personally not a fan of this change.
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Yeah, objects can't be destroyed any more. Destruction has been replaced by squelching just that one object, which has the disadvantage of requiring more keystrokes and the advantage of being reversible in the event of accidents. "Ignore" and "squelch" should directly correspond to each other, so if you encounter a situation in which a class of items (as opposed to a specific item or stack of items) is ignored but not updated in the squelch or knowledge menus, that probably qualifies as a bug.
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