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Originally Posted by jens View Post
Each (Gravity/Time) are used by 4 monsters:
Gravity: Gravity hound, Kavlax, Aether vortex, Aether hound
Time: Time vortex, Time hound, Aether vortex, Aether hound

Kavlax and Aether won't really notice the change since they have so many breaths. Time vortex is not really a problem damage wise today. So I'd say we are talking about two monsters. Why not just inrcease their hp with something like 50%, then the change to 1/6 hp breaths won't really nerf them.
We could make time hounds equi-potent to ethereal hounds.

They'd then have 480 HP (up from 330) and be native to dlevel 59 (instead of 51). With a 6 time divisor they'd do 80 per breath instead of the current 110 with divisor of 3. Ethereal hounds still move slower than time hounds, but they have pass wall so that's reasonably consistent. They're still murderous, but at least they're murderous in a consistent manner.

Similarly we can bump gravity hounds up to the next tier, and be equi-potent to multi-hued hounds They'd have HP of 220 (instead of 193) and native to dlevel 43 instead of 35. Or you can bump them up to the plasma, nether hound tier and give them 330 HP and make them native to dlevel 51.
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