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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
Biggest argument I can think of against it is that it would encourage stairscumming -- your level-1 character could dive all the way to the bottom of the dungeon in the hopes of scoring some random crap from the floor that is massively better than anything he could normally hope to find.

More generally, this kind of approach turns the dungeon into less of a "place". It should take effort to traverse the dungeon. I'm not opposed to making it easier to dive -- maybe every level that's a multiple of 5 could have an express shaft that takes you down 5 levels, say -- but it shouldn't be trivial.
+1. Just changing random stairs into shafts which transport you down 2+d3 levels should be enough, I think. I don't think there should be any "up" shafts. Nor should the down stairs you land on when going up (connected stairs) ever turn into a shaft. Possibly, there shouldn't be any connected up stairs when going down a shaft, even with "connected stairs" on.

I played for a while with fizzix's "ask if user wants to go down two levels instead of one"[1] and it kind of turned me off the idea of asking simply because I found myself just unable to abuse stairscumming to skip huge "intervals" of levels, basically just skipping straight to levels 20, 35, 60, 95, and then finally 99-100.

[1] I think that was the mechanic, been a while. It did definitely ask the player every time.
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