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PWMAngband: getting out of icky screens when disturbed

So your mage has learned a new spell and you want to macro it? Your warrior has found an artifact weapon and you want to inspect it? In Angband, no problem... you open the corresponding screen and do as you want for as long as you want.

Now you're playing PWMAngband... not in turn-based mode, but in real-time mode. You're in the dungeon, you have found a new item and you want to inspect it... so you press 'I' then choose the item and browse all its properties. Once you're done, you leave the screen... but to your horror it's not the dungeon map you're facing, but the tombstone screen. During the time you were looking at the object properties, something sneaked by and killed your character! How infuriating...

To fix that, I added an option to "get out of icky screens when disturbed". Basically, the disturb() function sends an "ESC" keypress to the keypress buffer if the option is set and the screen is icky. This was perfect a few versions ago... until everything in the game started to be coded as menus. And menus are now considered as icky screens.

Imagine a character chased by a group of orcs in a corridor. The player didn't macro phase door scrolls, and it's the only way to escape the threat. As usual, you start to press 'r', then the letter for phase door scrolls and hope the phase puts the character out of trouble. But with the option on... you don't get the chance to select your scrolls, you're kicked out of the menu before you have time to press the key! Basically, the option designed to help will do the opposite...

At this point, I have no idea how to fix the issue. I could simply throw in a hack on the "use" command to prevent the disturbing, since this would allow access to the basic items...
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I'd suggest to have exceptions for any "quick" menu. Using items and casting spells should be "quick".
Inspecting, Wielding, Macros, Dropping items, Gaining spells should be interrupted by a disturb.
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