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Feature request: single-point restoration potion

Potion of Restoration: randomly picks one drained stat and restores a single point.

Make them fairly common. Maybe throw out the current potions of restore X. These would be very nice in the early game, but wouldn't shoulder aside mushrooms of restoration (or mushrooms of vigor now, I guess) and rods of restoration in the late game. In the early game, drained stats mostly mean a special trip back to town because carrying all the Potions of Restore X you might want is just not feasible. I'd happily haul around a stack of these.

I suppose this would water down one of the harsher game mechanics, but really what it would do is just save you a lot of unfun recalling and shopping.
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I like this conceptually, but I think one of the key things about early stat loss is that it's mostly avoidable. Getting a character trashed by a red frog or an unlucky series of traps, or what have you - this teaches the value of detection and avoidance, which are skills that remain useful through the whole game. Making the penalty for recklessness in the early game less harsh means newer players will just learn the lesson later, losing more progress and being just as (if not more) frustrated.
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Mm, the main benefit I see here is being able to restore stats while in the dungeons -- devoting a single inventory slot to restoration potions is a lot more workable than devoting three or four. The question really becomes if it's intended that players not be able to restore stats mid-trip in the early/mid-game. I doubt this was ever consciously decided upon.

If this were to be added, I'd say make the potion cost just as much as the standard restoration potions, and have the same drop distribution. Its increased flexibility more than makes up for the single-point restoration.
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