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Here are my impressions based on a few runs with the competition character (only one of which got far). Of course the sample size is small, the character is bad, and I played very fast.

- I think I like the feel of this version. Item quality is closer to the old days. Are decent egos now too rare? I would need to play more to answer.

- I don't like radius-1 lights.

- As a general comment about the early game, I think that the character is a bit too vulnerable before getting staff of teleportation, but maybe I should just change my playing style (this is not just about this character, or just about this version).

- Stat potions seemed to be too rare. Fuzzy item detection might be one reason for that.

- I never saw scrolls of teleport level or deep descent (except possibly in the black market when I couldn't yet afford them). Also scrolls of teleportation were too rare.

- Some other consumables, like healing potions and wands of teleport other, were dropping at a reasonable rate.

- I never saw a single armour or shield of resistance (but I saw several armours of elvenkind in the deeper levels).
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