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Thanks for the support Oraticus. And thank you Mack for your advice.

Indeed, at first, I played angband 3 or 4 times and died at levels 1 or 2 after playing it to my opinion too fast.

So after that I thought let's stop going headless into this adventure. So I started studying as many aspects as possible since then - like the habits and attitudes of the different monsters - and succeeded in reaching DL 18 with CL23 without dying and eliminating all creatures.

As I said before I am enjoying the game very much this way, particularly because I like the challenge of trying to understand as much as possible and trying to waste as few lives as possible - except for those of the monsters .

I am also busy catching up on the difference between DL and CL at a slow but steady pace. maybe I'll be at DL 30 when reaching CL30.

And again, it is very well possible that in time I might prefer to go deep right away.

And bad habits?... well, I gladly accept that verdict - who knows, in some time from now, there's a good chance I might very well play exactly like most veterans. But for the moment I'm still alive and kicking and enjoying it as newbie at DL18 (no idea if that is an accomplishment or not - probably not!)

PS: interesting to read I'm playing it the 'old' way!

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Not all of us play in the "dive deep" way. I'm a completist, so I like to clear levels and only avoid a few baddies (like Gorlim when he's way out of depth). I also don't go for the win until I've killed all of the other uniques. Yes, my games take a lot longer and it's riskier the longer I'm in the dungeon, but it's how I like to play.
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