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Question Poison resistance in Z+Angband (Death magic)

Hi Folks,

Quick question: the 9th level spell "Resists Poison" (or similar, I don't have a high enough level character open at the mo') says that you should not be able to be poisoned while it is in effect.

But I just played a Death Magic Monk and I was getting poisoned all the time - by Nurglings, in fact - even while the spell was "in effect".

Is this a bug? Or is the spell maybe less effective until you get to be a higher level?

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I've noticed the same issue. However, it seemed that the duration of the poison was reduced. So you do get some benefit even if it's still possible to be poisoned.

IIRC this has been an issue since ZAngband.
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Daniel Fishman
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Nurglings hit to disease, rather than to poison, IIRC. So thematically, nurgling disease is part poison, part something else which has the same effects as being poisoned.
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