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Other rogue-likes

I hope this is ok to post here, since this isn't technically about variants.

I was just curious as to what other rogue-likes you all enjoy. I've tried ADOM and Nethack, but I haven't spent much time with either. The identification systems in those games drives me nuts!
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I've been playing this games for approx the last 10-15 years, think it all started with Larn on my trusty old amiga!

Anyways, from the original Moria I've been a huge fan of the Zangband variant for a number of years and a bit dissapointed it hasn't been worked on for a quite a while. Although since joining this site I have discovered Z+angband which while I haven't spent a great deal of time with, seems to be pretty good.

The Zangbands keeps to the original theme but expand on monsters, items, depth of play with quests etc.

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Mostly been playing ADOM of late, though it's started to get a tad repetitive (I die a lot around exp level 16ish). Switched to NPPAngband in the last couple of days.

Nethack tends to be the one I always come back to, but I think we're well overdue for a new version there. Having finally ascended at least one of every class, I find my attention span drifting away from it...
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