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Question [Sil] Idea for a build

I want some comments on my idea for a build - stealthy smith

Start with Noldor Feanor, allocate stat as [1,5,4,4]
Have 10 at smithing, 12 at stealth. Reach forge, and build:
1. Boots of softest tread -> +2 stealth
2. Leather armor of stealth -> +2 stealth
3. Crown of radiance -> Very useful for stealth characters to avoid bumping into enemies in dark places.

This gives you 16 stealth right at the beginning of the game. An extreme version of this would be smithing filthy rags of stealth

Spend the rest of the XP at Assassination and Finesse. What is left - into evasion and melee. Given the high grace, this character should also learn song of silence at some point.

The second forge, if it ever found, can be spent either on rings or an extra light long sword, to get as much critical hits as possible.

Your comments?

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This is pretty close to how I build my stealth-stabbers, although I don't take assassination until much later. It's really not that great until you can stack it with subtlety, and it gets you into trouble by encouraging you to pick fights you can't win lol
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