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Pete Mack
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Android game: nearly complete.

It's taking a lot longer than regular games, both in time and in number of moves. Miskeys add moves, as does taking the wrong passage because it's hard to read a small map. And it's just too hard to focus on move count. In any case, I am playing 3.4, which still has large pits and mobs. This makes immunities more valuable: I carried Taratol for 20 levels before lucking into a blue dragon pit. Bingo! Full character level from 9 great storm wyrms, and 30 or so ancient blues. And a lot of loot. Later hit a gold dragon pit. Even without round, this was a huge win. Picked up Colluin, allowing me to stop using Mundwine for rBase. Also Hurin, and 18/190 CON, along with crowns of serenity and Magi (but no ESP.)

Unusual: used Mundwine as sole source of r base for 22 levels. I'm *still* using a shield of resist acid at dl 85. Best armor is green DSM. Didn't even keep Arvedui. Other choice is Himring.
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So it's twice as nearly completed now?
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