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Pete Mack
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So l got to DL 70, CL 35. The weakness of the starting stat distribution shows now. I only have 13 base int and 17 base CON. Even with +15 CON modifier, I'm only at 572 HP. On the other hand, I have Thunderfist, a RoSpeed(+13), Thorin, Rohirrim, and a nice Crown of Magi (ESP). I'm doing 429 DPR against almost anything, but I can't cast both haste and resistance in the same fight. (I'm lucky to cast either one of them.) a
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@Pete Mack: 429 DPR sounds great. I too continued playing the character after the excercise was done. I'm not sure if "Elrond" has the potential to be a winner (am now lingering around Dlev 25 at Clev 24) ; I'll start the "intermediate" challenge.

PS: I can't recall takeing a character legit past Dlev 50, let alone write down a winner. My last "winner" was created using savefile scumming and the use of the Invulnerability spell. Really liked that one. Too bad it got scrapped a while back.
Anyone seen my Longsword (4d5)?
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I tried things out for a bit with Rogues after my recent (and first ever) win with a warrior. The first two died within 5-10 minutes in the dungeon due to forgetting I wasn't playing a HalfTroll Fighter that can just roll over enemies tanking the damage

The 3rd one got pretty far due to an early *thanc then Angrist on DL20, until I got a bit to greedy trying to clear a vault around DL40. The Rogue version of Detect Objects is VERY nice and having high enough stealth to sneak around most dangerous mobs made for a different feel to the game play.

After that I swapped to trying Dwarf Priests for a bit, loosing the 1st one fairly quickly but the second one is going strong at CL17, DL20. He got really lucky with a Sling of Power x2 (+9, +15) with a poison curse on DL 4!!! I put up with the occasional poison for the 33 damage with simple pebbles that let me sling my way through things i would have had to run away from without it. Unfortunately soon after i finally got the curse off the thing (haven't had to go to town yet and took a while to find the right book, found #3 before #2) I'm having to give it up... For a Sling of Extra Might x3 (+10, +12) My resistances are still lousy and I haven't found any decent hand to hand weapons that work for a priest but the slings are making up for it for now at least.
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