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Cool YAWP [3.2 V]: Treehugger the Half-Elf Ranger

This character completes the "Angband Superfecta", if you will, or in other words a win with all six character classes. After having found out how much fun Rangers are, I wish I had started playing them long ago. Once you get Tensers and an artifact bow, you are really a killing machine, and multiple shots per round makes it easier to take on faster monsters that you don't want to melee with.

This character seemed to be late to the party in finding most equipment. It took until 2800' and CL 40 to find The Phial of Galadriel. I had holes in my high resistances for a long time, but I tried not to let it slow me down much (I am normally a slow player anyway).

You know what else makes you a killing machine? Deathwreaker. Things got really fun after I found that. I meleed a lot of monsters after that, including Sauron. Having acid and fire immunity made it even easier, especially against greater demons. I had a couple of equipment configurations that would cover every resistance, but I chose to leave shards and light open to configure for better offensive and speed capabilities. On a side note, it is amazing how often rElec comes up as a hole when coming up with an otherwise awesome combination. Can't afford that, because you know if you try, you will meet an offscreen Great Storm Wyrm next time down.

As usual, my character was ridiculously over-prepared for the final battle. I ended up using maybe half a dozen healing/*healing* potions, along with my rods of healing during the battle. I stayed in the far upper right corner of the map and fired off arrows of Holy Might, then Dispel Evil when those ran out. I used TO about three or four times and used the break in the action to retrieve whatever arrows didn't break. I genocided "D" twice, I think. I did not use Destruction even once; I tried not to use it unless absolutely necessary to avoid toasting my arrows on the ground. Oh, did I mention I had an unhasted speed of +45? Could have been even more because I was seriously overburdened due to the paranoid amount of (mostly unnecessary) consumables I carried into battle.

See the results here.
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