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No dump for this - still getting the hang of the new release...

I haven't played Angband for a good ten years (maybe more). I'm absolutely loving the new version (took me I while to realise the green marks on the floor aren't a visual glitch)

My first four characters (all High Elf Mages) didn't even make it past level 1. But my fifth was killing it - Level 34 on Dungeon Level 36. Resistant to pretty much everything except confusion. Hit a couple of 'Omens of death' levels - took my time, used potions of speed and teleport other to carefully clear the levels piece by piece (loving the new room and vault variants).

Saw a Dracolich, but even with Cold and Nether res I teleported him - Still scared by so many 'It breaths Nether, You Die' messages to risk it just yet...

Came across, but avoided, Kavlax, Harowen, Thuringwethil, Tselakus, and Polyphemus (is he new?)

So on level 46 I reach a "murderous" level - carefully teasing my way through. Came across Castamir (only just out-of-depth) and dispatched him really easily.

Found a pit with a few nasties including an Ancient Green Dragon (had Res. Poison and Resistances of Scarabtarices so I wasn't too worried about it)

I couldn't figure out what was giving me the feeling.

Then I saw something I should have looked at a LOT more carefully - a Bronze Golem. I had been making mincemeat of all the other Golems (up to Silent watcher) and didn't think too much of it. I carefully dug a tunnel to lure him into, hasted, res'd, shielded, and waited - ready to teleport out if he caused me any trouble.

I got one hit and then that oh so familiar WTF! feeling when you see the death screen.

Ah the memories. Welcome back dear friend
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