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I find myself with a lot of questions, and I don't want to make a great many poll threads, so I'm going to try a survey thread with a bunch of questions and see if I can get some answers. It's okay to skip answers if you have no strong opinion, but the more I have the better. Please feel free to explain your answers at more length if you want.

1) Should Morgoth be killable?

2) Would you be in favour of removing Song of Slaying and reworking the end-game in order to make the Song tree more viable?

3) Do you play stealthy characters?

a) if yes, are they too hard, too easy or just right?
b) if no, is it from lack of interest or for other reasons?

4) Do you play smiths?

a) if yes, are they too hard, too easy or just right?
b) if no, is it from lack of interest or for other reasons?

5) Do you use any of these weapons frequently?
- Daggers
- Quarterstaffs
- War Hammers
- Throwing Axes
- Great Axes
- Sceptres

Do you feel any of these need strengthened, or do not currently contribute?

6) Do you use Robes?

- if not, how much evasion would it take to make them useful?

7) Do you find Focused Attack makes for interesting play?
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