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[Announce] NPPAngband 0.5.1 WIP 3

WIP 3 has been uploaded. All of the reported bugs have been fixed, the Angband "object description code" has been fully incorporated, and mouse support for the squelch and knowledge menus has been added.

There are only 2-3 new gameplay features at this point. The biggest one is in the quality squelch menu. There is now a separate category for the best weapons/armor/shields called "rare equipment". These are items like blades of chaos, scythes of slicing, shields of deflection, shadow cloaks, mithril armor, etc... The idea is you can set the quality squelch for blunt weapons to "squelch good and below" without having to fear accidentally squelching an average mace of disruption. While this version is savefile compatible all the way back to NPP 0.4.2, loading an old savefile will re-set all of the quality squelch settings to "never squelch". This is because the quality squelch menu has a different order now, and I needed to make sure the game didn't accidentally destroy any of your good and great items upon startup.

The links are:


Windows executable:

But the biggest and best news is that all of the Angband 3.1.2v2 core code is now installed, and from now on NPPAngband is being released under the GNU General Public License (v2.0) just like Vanilla Angband. Also, NPP development can go back to concentrating on adding new features and game balance improvements. My thanks and acknowledgment to Andi Sidwell and the Angband Development team for this achievement, as I simply rode in on their coattalis getting NPP under the GPL.

Thanks, and enjoy. It should be pretty playable by now. WIP-2 still had several obscure situations where the game crashed, but everything I am aware of has been identified and eliminated.

From here I am going to add a couple dozen gameplay features that have been worked into Vanilla between 3.0.6 and the current Agnband CVS, get rid of a couple of my own "pet peeves" in NPP, and release 0.5.1 as final.
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