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Pete Mack
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The original default was to dump everything in DEX, which doesn't affect magic devices and only helps archery a limited amount. Whether the CON/DEX split is 14/12 vs 13/13 is relatively immaterial. Either is better than the tedious 0/16. I'd prefer to be comfortably above 266HP not too long after Drolem depth.

Originally Posted by wobbly View Post
I'd probably even split dex/con on a priest on the grounds that neither are going to matter that much till I've been in stat gain for a bit. Chances are your weapons to heavy to get any extra blows with out a ton of !dex unless you find a thanc or forasgil & just ignore the pointy. Just about any wand off the ground is going to be better then your melee or grabbing a wand of wonder/stinking cloud/mm from the magic shop. I understand Pete's point a lot more if we're talking about a mage.

Otherwise I found the allocation just fine & could melee trash mobs around the point protection from evil & a bunch of AC started working.
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I go 12 str 8 dex for non-casters and 12 mag 8 str for casters. Con does next to nothing in the early game.
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So still on 736-ga6a82bf, recalled straight to dlvl 99 searched the level Sauron is not there. Cast Alter Reality, he's still not on the level, will try going up then back down again soon. What kind of evil sorceror doesn't turn up to his own death party?

Edit: < then > worked

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