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Pete Mack
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"Never" for some definition of never. If you played over 1.5M game turns, you were pretty likely to find it. Autoscum helped too. But I never really understood it: What's the point of playing mage if you can't cast the banishment and destruction spells (never mind doing spell damage)?

That said, I think it still should be native to dl 100; there's no reason to make it so common prior to DL 90 (where it's native in special rooms.) But I find it at shallow depth pretty frequently now. Just increasing the drop frequency was enough.

Originally Posted by Estie View Post
Keleks used to be so rare that most mages never found it. Even earlier, melee and archery was late game mages only relevant form of attack.
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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
My current character is a mage at dl96 without Kelek. It is HARD to kill unique, especially demons and undead. For others I can use wands of drain life for 250 damage, or put on a nice Ring of accuracy (+22,+0) and melee or shoot arrows. Add in !Berserk and !Hero, and I can play like a weak rogue.
Yes, I just played a game in which my mage got to DL98 without Kelek's and I had to make the choice of whether to go hand to hand against Sauron and Morgoth with a mage or wait around until I found Kelek's. I did have an awesome melee weapon for a mage but I was going to have to wear a ring of constitution +6 to help my miserable hit points and that would have cut down on damage I could do. In the end, I decided to try one more attempt to find Kelek and after going through maybe two or three more versions of Level 98 I finally found one--stuck in a bitch of a place, but it was there and I got it. So the first time I used Kelek's was actually my fight against Sauron. To make up for lost use, I just manastormed the f*** out of him.

It's a pain going around the DL90s without any banishment or destruction or mana storm...
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