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Originally Posted by camlost View Post
Sangband made the RoP must-wear items by granting them a speed boost of +10. I'm guessing the Vanilla crowd likes that they're not must-wear items, but perhaps a speed of +5 would make them more interesting? I guess it comes down to whether you think people should be wielding the RoP preferentially.

(as a side note, I like that Nenya gives +2 str,con,cha, and nenya gives +4 int/wis/dex)
However, as far as I can tell, speed is generally much harder to get in Sangband than Vanilla; I have had winning games where the only permanent sources of speed I found were RoP and Tulkas, so without that +10 it would probably have been impossible. However, in V there seem to be more available sources of speed so +10 speed from a the RoP is less vital.
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