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Originally Posted by Estie View Post
What you suggest in the other thread - namely to remove the direct damage component - indeed makes the sideffect balanceable, though I wouldnt call that a "tweak". I was just trying to point out that the damage + suggested sideffect concept seems unbalanceable to me.
In theory this whole discussion, imo, is totally awesome and would be a refreshing breath of air (no pun intended) for poison. Right now poison is YABA (yet another ball attack) since, lets be honest, the -1 hp/turn is pretty trivial beyond CL4-ish and pretty much meaningless beyond CL10-ish.

I wouldn't call it unbalanceable. It's just something that cant really be balanced on paper. It needs lots and lots of play testing. Experiencing the effects first hand and seeing what works and what doesn't is key.
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Originally Posted by Magnate View Post
I noticed the other day that I had passed Pete Mack to become the second-most-frequent poster on Oook. In order to get to the top I've got to stop you posting, somehow ... ;-)
A little thread necromancy in a thread that I'd prefer to see dead: I see I've fallen to 4th place now. (Also: I am back and playing, for a while. I got angband burnout in November.)

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