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kethis nice to know u know my area, ee ~! yes is cap of diablo2

Reality hits you -more-

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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
I'm surprised you got anything approaching worthwhile damage out of attack rods.
The damage is always worthwhile if the a priori calculated kill rate is high enough.

Admittedly, fire and cold are resisted so much that the most practical ones, generally, are acid and lightning.
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Timo Pietilš
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Originally Posted by Philip View Post
That's not what I noticed, my spell failure rate went from 3% to 0% on rift when I moved from 18/200 to 18/***.
Limit changes from more than 0% to 0% at that point, but not the actual failure rate. With less than 18/200 you have non-zero failure with every spell.

With other stats there are also minor effects with over 18/200 stats, STR has major: 18/200 -> 18/220 increases your damage output by 4 points, which makes gauntlets of power sometimes more powerful than artifact ones.

[edit] typo corrected (less - more)

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