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I like 'shadow' monsters idea, sounds wicked!

Also maybe add some mobs which influence light and interact with player:

- monsters which could steal light from you and at the same time they appear to have more light radius with every successful attempt & vice versa - who steal it and also become darker (have bigger 'shadow' around them)
- monsters who become blinded from your light if you come in 'melee' range (some long-range attacking mobs, like snaga archers).. the more bright light source you have - the more chance to blind an enemy
- powerful monsters which got shadow so strong that it dim players light when come in melee (cutting players light radius).
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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
You can already lose the ability to read, by being blinded, confused, or hallucinatory (I think hallucinating blocks reading, I admit it's been a long time since I tried).
And don't forget the rather brilliant mechanic of 'amnesia'. Love that status effect! You have literally forgotten how to read!
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I love the idea Nick. And I thought Grotug's example was spot on.
And +1 to the idea that your own square is always lit if you have a light source - it makes sense to me.
The next step is to allow your own darkness to affect other monsters. Staff of darkness in a room full of mages, anyone?
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