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Sparrow the Dunadan
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Lightbulb [Suggestion] Priest Class Weapon

Right now I'm playing a high-elf priest, and wielding Narthanc (I got super lucky and got it really early and at 100'). But because priests prefer blunt weapons, I keep getting the 'not comfortable with weapon' message when I equip it.

My suggestion is to make a priest class dagger. (Wait... are blessed ego items still a thing in this game? If so, forget this suggestion.) Or else make a new class of dark priests that can use daggers. Like call it a ceremonial dagger or some such. Silver daggers should be made to be more effective against specifically canines (werewolves & wargs especially.), maybe dropped by Cerberus or whatever that can summon/call other canines?
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Blessed egos still exist, and many edged artifacts are blessed. The edged weapon penalty is still kinda dumb though. Oh well.
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In the current development version priests get no penalty for wielding sharp weapons, but do get small to-hit and to-dam bonuses for wielding blunt or blessed weapons.
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I can recall many debates during D&D over the irony that a Priest would only use weapons which would crush and maim painfully rather than kill you clean. That said it was one way to balance them so that the basic meat-shield Fighter stays competitive.

Now how about a twix that allows the new Necromancer to ignore or invert -HIT/-DAM on cursed weapons?
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