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The APW borg comes to v4

With many thanks to APW for writing the borg in the first place, and to Noz for updating it to work with v4 (which will hopefully make APW's life easier when updating it to 3.4 ...) ... I'm pleased to announce that tonight's new version of v4 (90106fa) includes the borg.

Now, before we borg-lovers get too excited, the borg isn't likely to beat v4 any time soon. It's been included primarily to assist testing and debugging (thanks to APW for its excellent logging), and its AI has suffered from some of the significant changes since 3.2.0 (which is the latest version it currently understands):

- it doesn't understand affixes yet, and thinks "ooh, an ego item, fab" even when they're a bit pants
- it doesn't understand the new squelch-instead-of-destroy behaviour, particularly when it wants to drop one item from a stack
- it is aware of the new reduced stack size, but sometimes will use more than one slot to get to 99 of something
- it is aware of the new torch behaviour, but isn't really used to radius-1 light
- it's probably going to get very scared by all the new pits

That said, it's invoked with the usual ctrl-z, z ... so enjoy. For Windows users, the screensaver invocation isn't guaranteed to work (neither Noz nor I can test in Windows), but it might do. Starting it manually ought to work though.

Also in this version are Nomad's new rooms, which were pushed a day or two ago. You should see as much variety in dungeons as in ego items ... many thanks to Nomad for this work - you can even design your own dungeon rooms!
"3.4 is much better than 3.1, 3.2 or 3.3. It still is easier than 3.0.9, but it is more convenient to play without being ridiculously easy, so it is my new favorite of the versions." - Timo Pietila
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