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I'm confused...

Wrong question surely?...

I don't think anyone's expecting the Borg to be included in every unstable branch of Angband. In the meanwhile, isn't Andrew P. White still updating the borg fairly regularly (over on his new website now) - resulting in recent APW borgs that can be compiled into Windows and Linux versions of recent stable versions of Angband, iirc (but not, unless one has the skills to compile the source code he provides and create a Mac Sierra binary therefrom, a Mac version too, so Mac users like me who enjoy watching the borg are watching one where both the 'band and the borg are several years out of date- the latter implying that it keeps running into and not solving the same problems, of course, ones APW seems to have solved the day after releasing that version of the borg, of course...

Not volunteering to create a new Mac version of the borg because I don't have a clue anymore how to program even my own Apple-product computer, unfortunately. Haven't for quite some time.
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I really would love to watch a reinforced learning neural network thing ala alphago have a go at Angband.
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In theory someone could use Tensor Flow [1] and the Open AI Gym [2] to write a reinforcement learning borg for Angband.

Tensor Flow is Google's open source framework used to build AlphaGo. Start here [3] for some tutorials

The OpenAi Gym is the game interface used to run those Atari AI bots that beat human records [4].

"You hit Morgoth, Lord of Darkness. You have slain Morgoth, Lord of Darkness. Congratulations, you have won the game. The Great Wyrm of Balance breathes chaos. You die."
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