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Club of Bullroarer

I had an idea for a new weapon, now that we have clubs.
Could anyone tell me whether you find it balanced? Also, what exactly does allocation do? Is a high value better. I tested and everything seems to be working fine (I generated it with debug commands and with a hobbit warrior with 18 STR it would do about 20 damage to normal creatures and 60 to orcs. I'm a bit concerned with that, but it could always be put deeper or the slay made weaker.
By the way, the club is mentioned by Tolkien and I'm essentially paraphrasing him in the description.
N:151:of Bullroarer
A:200:3 to 20
D:The Club of Bullroarer the hobbit, the only hobbit large enough to ride
D: a horse and famed adventurer, who fought off a hill orc invasion 
D:of the shire by decapitating their leader, Golfimbul, with one
D: clean strike, thus inventing golf.
Any thoughts?
I would be happy if this went into any variant.
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