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Non-lethal methods of handling townies

How hard would it be to have (at least some) townies despawn when affected by some of the non-hostile spell effects?

"You heal the mangy leper/boil-covered wretch. The leper/wretch rejoices as they head home!"
"You heal a battle-scarred mercenary/squint-eyed rogue. The mercenary/rogue thanks you for seeing to their old battle wounds and heads home."
"You cure the singing, happy drunk/village idiot. They look a bit despondent as they soberly head home, but it's probably for the best."
"The [townie] heads back to their home to curl up and get some rest." (Sleep effect)
"The [townie] seems confused as to what they're doing with their life and heads home to puzzle things out." (Confusion effect)

No experience, no gold drop, just a way to get rid of the townies without having to murderize them. Particularly desirable for the priest/paladin classes which should probably be helping the people when possible instead of killing them.
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Ingwe Ingweron
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If Nick ever introduces (neutral) aligned "p" (ala FAAngband), then this makes even more sense. Maybe even as a way to convert non-neutrals to neutral.
“We're more of the love, blood, and rhetoric school. Well, we can do you blood and love without the rhetoric, and we can do you blood and rhetoric without the love, and we can do you all three concurrent or consecutive. But we can't give you love and rhetoric without the blood. Blood is compulsory. They're all blood, you see.”
― Tom Stoppard, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
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