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Originally Posted by t4nk View Post
What My method is extremely questionable. Initially I planned to leave the Term API more of less as it is, and just do some minimal updates to textui, to get it to work as quickly as possible. And, of course, I ended up redesigning ui-term.c entirely, and I'm rewriting huge parts of textui So, naturally, when I'll finally manage to compile it, it just won't work, and then I'll have to fix it! We'll see. I simply can't resist the temptation. Right now I'm thinking what to do with ui-object.c... such a pile of nonsense... (btw, debo, I saw horrible things, but I still think inkey() is the worst )
Well to me it looks like a solid start - some of the refactoring/rewriting, as you note, is sorely necessary - I've been avoiding untangling ui-target.c for years. And the term redesign looks a lot more compact than its predecessor. Keep going
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