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Originally Posted by UglySquirrell View Post
Well my Sniper recently found a magical statue of A Black Reaver, so once i threw it against the wall on level 1 that's 70 levels out of depth.

Other than that, T.O.M.E. 2.3.5 definately, i still laugh when i remember killing Moldoux, the Defenceless Mold on level 1 in the barrow downs. Can't remember exactly what was summoned, a lot of Great wyrms though.
Moldoux summons a Great Wyrm of Power when killed. Maybe only if he's killed on level 1, I forget. Maybe hilarious the first time it happens to you, probably not after that. Also probably doesn't count for purposes of this thread since it's a scripted thing (ditto with getting fated to die on level 1).
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I just tried 'always unusual rooms' for the very first time, met etherial dragon on Camelot 5 doing Warg quest. I think I won't touch that option again for a while ><
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