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T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta29 aka "A new birth" unleashed!

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta29 ! See

Don't forget to help ToME by with donations( ) !

As soon as this release is out the profile server will change to compute stats using the new config version.
Your data should transfer from b28 to b29 fine, pre-b29 to pre-b29 will still continue to sync but it will not be used for stats on You are advised to upgrade as soon as possible.

Release highlights:
Many fixes
New and much improved birth screen
Most everything should now have a tile, many floor transitions now have proper .. transitions
Switch to LuaJIT2: more performances!
Improved UI
Many new egos (160!)
More lore, including graphical lore
New server-side profiles handling
More achievements
Improves artifacts
Three new Cursed/Doomed trees

Expanded changelist:
Sun Infusion now has a blindness component to it but is not instant cast anymore
Mind Power Infusion deleted
Heroism Infusion now increases your three highest stats and increases them by more
New feature: automatic talents. Any talents can be setup to automatic cast, which means they will be used as soon as off cooldown. THe UI will warn you if the talent requires a turn or a target. Check out the 'm' menu or right click on the hotkeys list to configure
New birth UI!
All NPCs now have tiles!
Anomaly: Summon townsfolk now correctly uses tiles
New death option: restart a new character
Novice Mage on the worldmap now has a tile
Once the player won he can enter the Infinite Dungeon (from the ruined dungeon entrance) to meet a glorious end in the depths of the world
Vargh Redemption now provides increased air capacity
Power is Money grants the same bonus to all three saves
Fix item tooltips on a few artifacts
Improved performance of dialogs using ListColumn and TreeList
Example modules only show up in the list if cheat mode is enabled
If modules list only contains one entry it is auto selected
The mummified eggsack can not appear in shops
Flying text incoming damage now "sinks" instead of rising up
Transmogrification option in the item menu doesnt close the inventory
Farportal exits are correctly displayed as & in ascii mode
Ruined dungeon orbs cannot be trapped
Very high level Explosion Expert will not make NPCs instakill
Ben Cruthdar now always drops his battleaxe
New artifact for staff-happy alchemists
Added tstring:tokenize() and tstring:diffWith()
Talents levelup screen will now show value increases in the talent descriptions in a much more concise format
Resting will stop if life regen is below 0
All actors have a default esp range
Shield attack section and Gloves attack section will only show in descriptions if you can use them
Character sheet now displays a diff between the previous time it was invoked and the current state for even easier global comparaisons.
Total realtime playtime is now registered
Improved keyboard running algorithm
Players can now whisper one another in the ingame chat system. Either select the user to whisp in the talkbox or just type her/his name followed by :
Shift+t now cycles between: tactical border+healthbar, only healthbar, nothing
Worldmap patrols now all have tiles
Limit gamma setting
Add tstring:extractLines()
Agrimley and Ritch Hunters now have tiles
New trees and grass tiles
New artifact gem
New lore added to the Deep Bellow
Reduced the chance of lore randomly dropping
Big UI update, the game log and chat logs are now displayed side by side in transparency over the game map, hotkeys are "flattened" over more width, making room for more map displayed at once
Random bosses/elites using Fearscape will be much rarer
Added a "run" command that prompts for a run direction, bound to . by default
Some eagles (purely cosmetic) will randomly fly over derth
Replaced SDL_Mixer with OpenAL for audio system
Added support for grouping images into tilesets for faster loading
Updated the worldmap with new tiles
Fixed mountain tiles graphical glitches
Improved lavafloor/walls tiles
New underwater tiles
Added about 160 new egos
Objects can now grant talent use on spell hit
Improved many artifacts
One can never fail de-activating a sustain
Fixed Shadow Simulacrum
Renamed "Divine" classes to "Celestial", since they never had any relations with gods (since there are no gods)
Player tiles now reflect the currently worn equipment!
Pheonix egg got a tile
Levers have a tile now
Added two new generic terrains: GENERIC_LEVER and GENERIC_LEVER_DOOR
Archers and Slingers now start with a rought leather armour
As a thanks to donators I have added a feature for them: custom player tiles. Donators (who are logged on) will be able to select a custom tile for their character from a list of over 180, ranging from "classics" to "downright wonky". Have fun, and thanks to you all!
Added support for LuaJIT2 (beta8)
Fixes some arena bugs and tweak the unlock a bit
Players now use 'moddable' tiles: their equipment will show on their char
Alchemist golem now use moddable tiles
Random elites & bosses based on player races (like adventurer parties) now use moddable tiles
All traps now have tiles
Updated the music & sounds dialog to be able to disable all sounds and control music & effects volumes independantly
The horror level of the lake of nur now has .. ambient sounds
The four attack runes now take no turn to activate, but put a 1 turn cooldown on all other attack runes
Removed actTurn, instead the engine will call actBase (if it exists) based on its own energy counter, so even if you somehow are frozen, timed effects, regen, cooldowns, ... will tick anyway
Added achievements for more damage than 600
Fixed Rune of the Right range
Display the character tile in charsheet
Limited the maximun slow that slowing talents can provide
Health bars are a little smaller than a full tile, so they do not "merge" when actors are near
Added an option to control the number of log/chat lines to show
Right click instead of left click on the chat log to see user infos
Lore can now have pictures attached
Fix Sun Flare
Random elites/bosses can not get Aim and Last Stand
Feeding/Grappling will be interrupted by creatures multiplying/cloning/splitting
The Fall of Zigur quest correctly boosts Hexes mastery if hexes are known
Objects granting esp now correctly say what (like "demon/major" instead of just "major")
Fix Paradox mastery effect on failure chances
Death messages have been improved and will display in a special color in chat log
Chat tooltips now also work in the chat log dialog
New option: chat filters, you can select what kind of chat messages you want to see and which to ignore
Arrows & Shots projectiles now have a correct tile
Fix a rare freeze when particles are on screen
Improved online profile code, it should be more efficient and more controlled. Serverside storage changed completly, it will allow for much nicer server features.
Due to the online profile storage change localy stored achievements will be lost, if you use an online profile they should come back correctly.
When b29 is released the new server code will switch to prod, all previous betas will continue to sync but it will not update data seen by the server anymore and >=b29 versions wont see it. Basically: upgrade
The Sher'Tul Fortress new has graphical lore, be sure to check out the paintings on the walls!
Wilderness will not generate on birth anymore, thus speeding birth process
Melnela is now correctly flagged as a woman
Sandworm queen heart now has a tile
Summoning circle in undead start now has tiles
Wilderness is not kept inside the main save anymore, making saving faster
All alchemist quest ingredients and rewards now have tiles
The artifact whips, the blood runed athame, the lost merchant and the assasin lord now have tiles
Unvisited locations now have a slight "sparkle" effect on the worldmap, their tooltip also says they have never been visited
Greater Weapon Focus procs are now logged
Many typos fixed
Added radius info to many talents that missed it
Better description for the ring of the dead
LuaJIT2 is now the default premake target
Activating caps-lock will put the map in scroll mode, allowing keyboard-only scrolling with the direction keys
The custom death messages now account for drowning, suffocating, and other such fun deaths
Self-kill messages are now denoted as such
New achievement "Fool of a Took!"
Added missing tooltips to the charsheet
Much boosted the spell Heat
Firestorm can not hit the golem anymore
Farportal zones will try very very hard to make a portal back, if the boss is not found on the last level every 100 turns the game will try to make a portal back
Fixed the appearance of high level npcs in the bottom of the raloren camp last level
Using the cloak of deception will make a hood appear on the player's head (as opposed to most other cloak which do not)
Artifact daggers correctly use str/dex as other daggers
Darkness color name is a bit ligther
Pacification hex will now check for saving throw each time it applies the daze (it wont prevent applying the daze this time but if it fails it will remove the remaining hex)
Dragonskull Helm requirements changed to willpower
Use talents dialog now groups talents by status instead of trees
Added a new tile size option: custom, allows you to select any size between 10 and 128
Buffed True Grit
Changed doomed's Dark Vision to only add damage bonus inside Creeping Darkness
Changed hate lost per turn (slower at higher levels of hate, faster at lower levels)
Fixed some line of sight issues with doomed's Feed
Added cursed Strife talent tree
Added doomed Primal Magic talent tree
Added cursed/doomed Fateful Aura talent tree
Improved a few cursed/doomed particle effects for smaller tiles
Balance adjustments in cursed/doomed trees
Fixed NPC "The Mouth" to support pinning correctly
Removed the cooldown on Extract Gems

Have fun!

PS: svn release 3839
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I think there must be more than one of you. How else can you exceed the output of the entire devteam (eight active devs) plus another half-dozen regular contributors??

Congrats - it looks like an awesome game. My fear is that if I ever play it I'll never play anything else.
"3.4 is much better than 3.1, 3.2 or 3.3. It still is easier than 3.0.9, but it is more convenient to play without being ridiculously easy, so it is my new favorite of the versions." - Timo Pietila
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Ahah. They call us Legion, for we are many!

Thanks, go play it and forever shall you be bound to it!
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