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It wouldn't be a very useful display if it told you the same thing for that crossbow you bought from the store and the same crossbow after enchanting it up a few times, now would it?
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Originally Posted by Ycombinator View Post
Skill is determined only by character's class, race, and level (think of base attack bonus in D&D). There are separate skills for melee fighting, shooting, and throwing things. In-game character screen gives you only vague descriptions instead of actual numbers. To give you a sense of scale, "Very Bad" is below zero, "Poor" is 24..35, and "Legendary" is 216 or more.
What is the range for Superb?
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Originally Posted by Tregonsee View Post
What is the range for Superb?
Here is the complete table for combat skills:
Very Bad        < 0
Bad             0–23
Poor            24–35
Fair            36–59
Good            60–71
Very Good       72–83
Excellent       84–107
Superb          108–167
Heroic          168–215
Legendary       > 215
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