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Smile Couple of interesting things.

1. This was on chocolate, so it might have been changed, but hrus will do their little destruct thing as they walk around, and this will destroy items in vaults. This seems pretty unfun and unintended, as is almost impossible to mitigate, other than genociding the hru before it can stomp around and break all of the shinies.

2. Killed the master tonberry as a tonberry, didn't get the tonberry gloves. What's up with that? I thought. So I took a look in the code, and saw this:

if ((p_ptr->prace == RACE_TONBERRY) && (one_in_(14)))
chance = 99; //Sauken comment. We'll still give you a 1% chance to miss it even if you hit the one in 14. We like to inflict pain.

in other words, you have to roll a one in 14 to get the gloves? What? That seems so arbitrary and is actually very hard to roll. That means if you roll 9 tonberries, on the 9th successful run, you have about 50% chance to have received it on that kill or previous runs. Of course with the way probability works, you can kill him 20 times and still not get it. (About 23% probability).

This is really frustrating, as right below that in the code, it shows the demigod artifact chances, and every single one has 100% change to get a given artifact after killing their parent. (Zeus demigod character will always get special Zeus artifact after killing him, whatever that is.) Feels very, very unfair, especially given that tonberries are a more vulnerable than other races in the earlygame. Please increase the change or something. Hope this isn't too whiny. Thanks!
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