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Snaga jewellery

So, on dlvl 11 my Kobold Rogue had a "Superb treasures" level feeling and I decided to clear the floor. Yeah, you guessed it - dungeon book, and wrong class to boot. Lame!
a Necromantic Tome [Deadly Powers]
Found lying on the floor at 550 feet (level 11)

Cannot be harmed by Fire.
However, while clearing, a snaga dropped this little piece of jewellery for me:
d) a Ring of Speed <+6>
     Dropped by a snaga at 550 feet (level 11)
     +6 speed.
...How much luck did I just use up? What horrible stupid death awaits my poor Rogue now?
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about 5 full games' worth of luck.
"i can take this dracolich"
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