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Timo Pietilš
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Experimenting with paralyzation

Hello all.

Newest vanilla has changed paralyzation so that it is no longer cumulative which means you have a chance to recover from it even from melee creatures.

Well, how well does this actually work. Need testing:

I created wizard/debug-mode Dwarf priest and started to experimenting.

It seems that you are "safe" from Ghouls even when completely surrounded if you have:

Over 75% saving throw, AC over 100 and HP 250 or so. One of the experiments did bring death pretty close, so this is not fail-proof and it can still make you dead if there is any hard hitter around. But it also means that FA is not that important before stat-gain as long as you have high AC and decent saving throw. I think you could even fight ghouls in corridor where only one of those are facing you at a time without FA if you have high enough AC to prevent it from hitting you every time.

This makes AC more important. And paralyzation is no longer guaranteed death. Good change.

Later FA is so common that in many cases I haven't had even possible working combination of gear that does not have FA.
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