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Fairly sure unique trampling was changed because we were getting silly things like Fang getting in the way of Morgoth getting to you. Maybe not quite that degree, but that type of thing. Maybe there ought to be a larger large level discrepancy before it can happen, or keep protecting everything deeper than level 80.

Mob trampling is an entertaining part of the game, using a blubbering icky thing to protect your low level mage from a horde of orcs is fun. Its just another possible strategy in a special case. And the idea that a low level demon can be destroyed by the high level demon it summoned is very genre appropriate.
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I'd say that if the concern is using chump uniques as roadblocks, then KILL_BODY turns into MOVE_BODY where uniques are concerned.
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Originally Posted by PowerDiver View Post
The edit files are pretty easy to guess at. You just need to look and get a feel. The first monster that tramples that comes to mind is blubbering icky thing. Looking at the entry, the obvious word is KILL_BODY. Just be careful that when you remove a flag, you have to remove the or bar '|' as well or the entire line if it was the only flag on the line.

[edit]Clueless me, you probably don't want just to remove KILL_BODY, but rather replace it with MOVE_BODY.
Yeah, MOVE_BODY is what I'm looking to replace it with. Thanks.
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