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Pete Mack
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Level feeling 9

All too often, it's a dungeon book that you can't read. But sometimes...first found a Rod of Speed at dl 44. But that doesn't explain level 9. Then I found Ring of Speed....+13. I'm playing HT Warrior. I'd forgotten how miserable it is to dive with bad stealth, and no detection, even of traps. I expect to die any moment to a drolem. Relying heavily on Staff of Detect Evil and 2 rods of light.

Also: why was the warrior's extra blow removed? It's now almost impossible to get that last blow with endgame weapons.

Current Equipment, at dl 44:
Short Sward Dagmor (+13,+11) <+2 attacks> (Venom brand; regen)
Short Bow of Accuracy
Ring of See Invisible
Ring of Speed<+13>
Amulet of Searching<+4>
Phial of Galadriel
Chain Mail of Arvedui
Elven Cloak<+1>
Mithril Shield
Metal Cap of Wisdom <+1>
Gloves of Free Action
Boots of Stealth<+3>
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Wow. All you need now is a good launcher and a boatload of ammo.
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