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A new direction for Angband

Hello everyone,

I'm writing this on behalf of the development team.

For some time, there has been some debate about the direction of the game.
  • Some people want it to go into "maintenance mode" and make minimal changes, preferably starting from some previous version.
  • Most people seem to accept some changes if implemented cautiously and incrementally.
  • Other people, concerned about V's core balance issues, want a serious rethinking of the game mechanics, which may result in a prolonged period of imbalance. Some think that this approach would damage the feel of V.
Something had to give. We have decided that the best course of action is to begin work on a rapid-development, experimental codebase named v4. v4 will contain many ideas and changes designed to improve the core gameplay of V, some of which may be included in V if they prove popular with the community and don't damage the feel of V. But there is no presumption that this will be the case, and lots of things will change in v4 that won't appear in V.

In parallel, we will continue to fix bugs and cautiously and incrementally develop V. The target release date for Angband 3.4 remains early 2012, and there are no plans for any major changes at yet.

What the practical implications of this fork will be, obviously we can't know yet. We're obviously hoping this will make everyone happier. New features can be tested without annoying people with the pace of change, since they will not be implemented in V unless they are thoroughly tested and proven. The same team of people will be working on both projects for the most part.

Anyone interested is, of course, welcome to fork the new repository and submit pull requests.

This is an experiment, and we'll have to see how it goes. Please bear with us.

Any questions?

Andi Sidwell
"Physician, heal thyself."
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