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Yet Another First-Time Winner

Dear Friends--

Though maybe we aren't friends I didn't know who else to write to that would appreciate the magnitude of my accomplishment. I have slain Morgoth, Lord of Darkness.

I stumbled across Moria at age 11-12, downloaded from AOL on my grandma's computer since we didn't have one. I was enthralled but too young and without enough time to learn. Eventually I got my own computer and found Angband. For the past 15 or so years I've played on and off (mostly off, but obsessively when I did). Usually I let the RNG pick my race/class and finally with this High-Elf Rogue I won. My previous low was 81 (and my turn count is half that, go figure).

The final battle was terrifying at first but I settled down pretty quickly. I didn't discover how to abuse reverse line of sight from long distances until after Sauron (I knew about monsters running around corners, which makes sense to me). I admit I loosened M up with some long-range LOS tactics but realizing it would be trivial to defeat him that way I stopped.

Mostly I fired arrows in rooms and bailed when he summoned, which was a lot but never scary. Special opponents included Qlzqqlzuup, Mim, Gorbag, and Boldor (I killed Feagwath and all the post-80 uniques but Ancalagon). He only mana-stormed me once so I only used 1 *Healing*. At the end we were at the edge of a destruction zone with some undead in pursuit. I cast my first rune and he never broke it. It was almost a let down.

I've lurked in the forum during my "on times" for some time and appreciate all the advice given along the way. I thank all the maintainers for a great game and the community for being behind it (and them). Angband is my favorite game of all time.

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Congratulations, as a recent first time winner myself I know how it feels. Well done!
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