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Originally Posted by Mangojuice View Post
(1) Certain options, like disconnected stairs, might be enforced.
(2) When a character dies, on restarting the game with the same file, the game reverts to the original savefile, except:
(3) Monster memory grows and is maintained game to game.
(4) Object flavors are re-randomized game to game.
1. Love it, 2. Love it, 3. Love it, 4. Love it, has to be done.

#3. If monster memory is going to be maintained, then I'm in favor of starting the first instance of competitions characters with a blanked memory.

(5) The original character should be suicided so that everyone has fully random object flavors.
(6) Character dumps should include a "competition stamp" that is random for every completely new character, but doesn't change game to game.
I don't understand #5, I don't think #6 is necessary (but it couldn't hurt). I'd rather see a counter that increments every time a comp character dies.

Let me pitch the real-time timer again. I don't see any downside to it, and it opens up whole bunch of new victory possibilities.
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5) means that Nick (or whoever) creates the competition character, then suicides it, then everyone else quickstarts from it. This means that everyone has different object flavours.
Of course, this wouldn't work if you're starting a character some distance into the dungeon, as some characters in the past have been.
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Originally Posted by PowerDiver View Post
It is crucial that everyone starts with the same store items, and the same possibly added via wizard mode [or direct savefile hacking] inventory. I don't see how you can do this other than saving the original savefile.
Yes, I hadn't thought of that. This is starting to get complicated.
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